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May Windmill Musings

Mother's Day Kite Day

May is traditionally considered the beginning of the summer tourism season. Here in Noble County and at the Mid-America Windmill Museum, we like to think it is a fun time to enjoy sunny days and "go fly a kite"! The museum's annual Mother's Day Kite Day on Sunday, May 8 had visitors of all ages taking advantage of the beautiful weather. The sky was filled with a variety of shapes and sizes of kites flying in the breezy afternoon sky.

The museum fields were filled with happy kite flying enthusiasts, young to old creating memories. Several groups brought picnic lunches to eat while watching those amazing colorful and unique kites dipping and soaring in the sky. What a fantastic sight!

Did You Know??

There is a National Windmill Day!

It is Saturday, May 14, 2022

We here at the museum think that is terrific. Our volunteers really love windmills and are always ready to talk to visitors about them. There is something absolutely country about their structures and the gentle creak of their blades as they spin in the wind. Windmills have been around for a very long time. The idea of capturing the power of the wind to perform work is not a new idea and goes back further into history than anyone can imagine. But that is another history lesson you can learn about when you visit the Mid-America Windmill Museum.

National Windmill Day is an established day to celebrate and appreciate such an amazing engineering wonder. The American water pumping windmill was a vital part of this country's agricultural history; it provided a necessary element of life for the pioneers going west and farmers--water! Visit the museum on Saturday, May 14 to learn more about these magnificent wood and steel machines and listen to the sounds of them turning in the wind.

Museum visiting hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm with general admission for the day of $5.00 for all guests; children under six are free admission. Guided and self-guided tours will be available, visitors can go on a scavenger hunt, and those budding artists can color their own windmill picture. Free windmill cookies will be available for our guests as a Thank You! for visiting on our National Windmill Day.


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